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Share and download files using a DC network, start private conversations and adjust bandwidth limitations without burdening your system’s performance

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Nowadays, the Internet comes down to social networking and file sharing, so an app that facilitates both of them, while also keeping them intertwined is quite useful. DC++ is a software solution that aims to make the whole file sharing experience a lot more pleasant, allowing users to exchange files using the Direct Connect protocol and start conversations within the hubs they access.

Typical setup and configuring basic settings

The installer is just basic, so clicking Next and accepting the default settings should be enough. However, after this, one might require some computer knowledge to be able to start using the program.

First of all, DC++ requires the user to type in an username, pick the Internet connection type and share some files. Most hubs have imposed sharing limits, so users will not be able to enter certain sharing channels unless they share the required amount of data.

Secondly, the download folders need to be specified, be them for temporary or completed files, just to be sure everything is organized and easy to locate. In case this step is skipped, DC++ automatically creates two default folders, one for each type of download.

Easy-to-handle GUI and some advanced options

The interface is very clean and simple, which means that, once users get used to it, everything will work smoothly. The Settings window gives access to a wide range of options, but they are best handled by experts as erroneous modifications can result in poor performance. Power users can adjust the bandwidth limitation, input and use a proxy server, as well as customize the colors displayed within the main window and the chat, and set up preferred notifications.

Performance and conclusion

Another benefit to using DC++ for your downloads is that the hardware requirements are quite reasonable and therefore, does not stress the PC even when downloading large files at high speeds. Jobs are completed in a timely manner without popping up errors, crashing or freezing.

All in all, DC++ remains the most appropriate tool to experiment with the Direct Connect protocol and although there are a lot of tools out there meant to provide nicer interfaces and more advanced features, this one remains a top choice in all the fields.

DC++ was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 7th, 2015
DC++ - You can use the main window of DC++ to view all your connections and access all the options.DC++ - You can connect to a favorite hub, open a file list or view the crash log from the File menu.DC++ - The View menu allows you to access the public hubs, open the included notepad or search window.DC++DC++DC++DC++DC++DC++DC++DC++DC++DC++DC++DC++DC++DC++DC++DC++DC++DC++DC++DC++DC++

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